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AC Maintenance Keeping East Valley, AZ Residents Cool

JLM Air Conditioning and Heating makes every customer’s comfort our business. Our state is notorious for hot summers and warm winters, making your home or business heavily reliant on a fully functional air conditioning (AC) system. The best way to keep your system running at its best and avoid midsummer breakdowns is by staying on top of regular system care. We offer residential and commercial customers in and around Florence, AZ air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services. Our technicians always perform complete system inspections, system performance documentation, and sound advice on any system upgrades or repairs you need. During a maintenance job, we also tighten your AC system’s electrical connections, flush your drain line, and wash its outdoor coil.
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Better Performance

AC systems rely on regular care to ensure they perform at their best. Our maintenance and tune-up services keep all components running optimally, so your system can keep up with your comfort needs during Arizona’s stifling summers.

Longer System Lifespan

Your air conditioning system will run longer with better performance when you stay current on its maintenance and tune-ups. A top-condition AC system may provide years more reliable cool air, so you won’t have to replace it as soon.

Financial Savings

Regular maintenance lessens the chance of breakdowns and other expensive issues, saving you money on unnecessary repairs. We can also identify and resolve minor issues early before they develop into significant problems.

Dedicated to Your Complete Satisfaction

At JLM Air Conditioning and Heating, we care about our work quality and pair our exceptional HVAC services with outstanding customer service. Our technicians arrive on time and ready to tackle your AC system needs using industry-grade equipment and tools. While performing maintenance and tune-up services, we can check your system for signs of wear and other issues. Let us keep your air conditioning system running optimally so that you stay cool year-round.
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