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A clothes dryer is an expensive investment with obvious benefits when it runs safely and efficiently. Lint can build up in the dryer vent as dryers run and affect their performance. A clogged dryer vent can lead to higher energy bills, longer drying times, and a potential fire hazard. JLM Air Conditioning and Heating can resolve these issues with dryer vent cleaning in Florence, AZ and surrounding areas. We quickly and carefully clear your dryer vent by removing all lint buildup using professional-grade equipment and an eye for detail. Our company specializes in home comfort and air ducts, and a dryer vent needs professional attention like the rest of your home’s air channels. You can trust our technicians to show up on time, perform timely and thorough work, and treat your property with the utmost care.
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Save Energy

Lint in your dryer vent blocks airflow and makes your dryer work harder to dry clothes. Instead of running your clothes for longer, you can clean out your dryer vent and enjoy shorter drying times, saving you energy.

Dry Clothes Faster

A clean, lint-less dryer vent lets airflow better, which can help your dryer work more efficiently and dry clothes quicker. We work quickly to remove lint buildup, and you can finish your weekly laundry faster.

Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryer lint built up in your vent can catch fire and endanger your house and family. Our dryer vent cleaning services remove this buildup, significantly reducing your chance of dryer fires and keeping you safe.

We Work to Earn Your Complete Satisfaction

JLM Air Conditioning and Heating understands the value of impressive work quality at competitive prices. We make your complete satisfaction our top priority and work hard to provide an outstanding customer experience. Our technicians pair their extensive training and expertise with stellar customer service, so you enjoy the fruits of our labor while pleasantly interacting with our team. Let us keep your home and family safe and your clothes dry with timely, professional dryer vent cleaning.
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